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Supporting Your Internet SuccessTM

iHostXtremesTM is Columbus, Ohio's 100% Uptime Cloud Hosting Provider, with the industry's highest Uptime Guarantees - 100%. Also offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if your site should be down for 5 minutes, iHostXtremes will credit your account one day back for each 10 minutes. iHostXtremesTM is able to achieve High-Availability because a globally distributed network of data centers, each with bandwidth pulling from 10 redundant providers, redundant power and 24x7x365 live support staff.

TM offers Reliability, Capacity and Peace of Mind(sm) to companies around the globe, from the mom-and-pop to the Fortune 500. Regardless the size of the company - iHostXtremesTM is serious hosting for serious business (sm).

Primary Services Include: 

  • Linux (Shared) Cloud Web Hosting
  • Windows (Shared) Cloud Web Hosting
  • Linux Dedicated & Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Windows Dedicated & Fully Managed CloudHosting
  • Automated, Off-Site Data Backup
  • Globally Distributed Multi-Media Streaming (flash, windows, quicktime media)